Restoring hope and transforming lives through dental care.

Join us as we provide dental care in underserved communities by developing leaders and cultivating collaborative partnerships.

We restore hope to patients and equip dental professionals to be leaders in their communities.

Countless people in our own community and in developing countries don’t have access to quality dental care — leading to loss of sleep, inability to work, and more serious health concerns. We train and develop dental professionals who provide emergent and restorative dental care that serves people who cannot access or afford high-quality dental services.



We establish relationships in unreached areas of Uganda and provide urgent dental care to those in need.



We empower local leaders to establish clinics that provide ongoing, high-quality restorative care.



We identify, train, and send out individuals who are interested in the dental profession.

Our model is to train and develop dental professionals that serve people who cannot access or afford high-quality dental services.

Martin came to our clinic with a serious infection and now his smile is stunning!


Martin's Story

He told us he had not slept for three days and thought he was dying. A friend told him to go to Hope Smiles because the local medical doctors could not help him.

Martin is a local schoolteacher and thought he was going to lose his job. The Hope Smiles team educated him about his problems and provided the proper care to relieve his pain…and maintain his smile!

Now Martin smiles brighter than ever, and he shares that smile with his students everyday.

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Our Impact

Patients Served

In previously unreached communities throughout Uganda

Communities Served

In rural and urban communities in Uganda

Jobs Created

For Ugandan dental health professionals


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