We Empower Local Leaders in Uganda

Our “hub and spoke” model gives local leaders a proven strategy to create generational impact in Uganda.

Where We Work

Across the street or around the world, the ministry of Hope Smiles is driven by our values, vision, and mission. While contextualized to best serve our local communities, the commitment of Hope Smiles is always the same.

We work relentlessly to restore hope and dignity one smile, one patient at a time. We strive to make high-quality, compassionate dental care available to all Ugandans. We believe our ability to provide high-quality, compassionate dental care is a gift from God, one that we are to use to serve and love others.

Our role in establishing God’s Kingdom in Uganda is to use our gift to serve people all over Uganda, equipping and empowering Ugandan dental professionals to use their gifts in service to their country.

Quite simply, we are in Uganda to love people.


“I never thought I would be able to smile with confidence again. Now I’m smiling, I know how to care for my smile, and I have ownership of my health!”


Rose's Story

Rose is a feisty, fierce woman who works hard each and every day. But it is hard to work when your teeth are causing so much pain. She knew about dentistry but did not think she could afford it.

Desperate, she came to the Hope Smiles clinic in Jinja. Our team educated her and made a plan to restore her dental health. Most important to her, the sliding scale fees at our clinic made this world-class dental care accessible financially!