Our Model

Our model is to train and develop dental professionals who provide emergent and restorative dental care that serves people who cannot access or afford high-quality dental services.


Mobile Outreaches

Our team ventures out to remote areas where access to emergent dental care is non-existent. We develop relationships with leaders in the community and establish a plan for returning four times each year to provide ongoing dental care. At each outreach, we provide services such as tooth extractions, treatment of dental disease, pain management, and oral health education.


Dental Clinics

In strategic areas where we have established relationships, we partner with dental professionals and support them as they build and operate permanent clinics where they are trained to provide high-quality basic care. The clinic serves as a "home base" where local dental professionals are empowered to transform lives through dental care to a previously unmet standard. Our goal is to provide a healthy mix of efficient and quality services that help to ensure optimal oral health for the people we serve. We administer cleanings, extractions, fillings, root canals, and dentures at each clinic.


Leadership Development

As we continue to build relationships with local residents, we identify people interested in being trained in the dental profession, and provide scholarships for them to pursue professional certificates and degrees. We provide ongoing leadership development in life skills and managing a dental practice throughout their journey, ultimately empowering them to lead the clinics in their own communities.


“I served at the Hope Smiles Clinic in Jinja, Uganda and also at an outreach in a nearby village. Working alongside members of the team there was amazing. They are creating systems that are innovative, effective, and educational while helping those in need of dental care. I was truly blown away by the professionalism and compassion the team showed while treating patients.”

Suzanne, Hope Smiles Volunteer

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