We work to deliver compassionate, quality, and accessible oral healthcare in many areas throughout Uganda. We partner with a full-time dentist, Dr. Shinska, who runs our Ugandan dental clinic with a team of indigenous staff, serving the needs of Jinja, Uganda, and the surrounding communities.

We provide emergency and comprehensive dental care for children and their caregivers through our partnerships with established organizations like Amazima, 1moreChild, The Street Child Project, HEAL Ministries and Ekisa. We also travel to rural villages (and even remote islands in Lake Victoria!) that have no access to dental care in order to assist with the development of infrastructure for sustained care and education.

Where We’re Headed

We have big plans for our work in Uganda! As we continue to develop partnerships in remote regions, we will further enhance the local infrastructure through social workers, community leaders, and healthcare officials. We will provide education, followup care, and short-term dental outreaches.

We are working to establish a mid-level provider dental school in Uganda that will empower Ugandans to serve the in-country oral healthcare needs. The focus will be on training them to safely, compassionately, and skillfully extract teeth, perform simple restorations, and effectively educate their targeted patient populations.


Create an oral health team that will deliver quality, accessible, oral health care in Uganda.


Partner with local ministries and NGOs with children in need of dental care.


Travel into unreached communities to serve the oral health care needs of these communities.


Empower Ugandans to provide basic oral health services to the people of Uganda.


Host short term outreach teams and follow up on the care delivered on these trips after these teams return home.


Connect with and serve the oral health needs of other communities throughout Uganda.


Establish a dental school in Uganda.


Replicate our model for the empowerment of locals to deliver basic oral health services in under resourced communities around the world.

Meet Dr. Ryan Shinska

Meet the dentist who runs our Ugandan dental clinic with a team of indigenous staff.

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